Emsmorn Unisex Ventilite Waterproof Bowls Trousers

Emsmorn Unisex Ventilite Waterproof Bowls Trousers

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Emsmorn Unisex Ventilite Performance Waterproof Bowls Trousers 

Emsmorn Unisex Ventilite Waterproof Bowls Trousers are bright white and have a Teflon coating. They have an ultra soft feel with a 2oz polyester outer shell coated with the new 5000WP/MVT 100% waterproof and microporous breathable pigmented TPU. And the best bit is the fabric is whisper silent - that's so nice. The seams are stitched and taped and the trousers are fully lined.

The sizing shown below is for Men so allow one size less for Ladies.

XXSmall/27" Waist is available in XShort/26"Leg and Short/28"Leg.

XSmall/29"Waist, Small/32"Waist, Medium/35"Waist and Large/38"Waist are available in XShort/26"Leg, Short/28"Leg and Regular/30"Leg.
These are the only waist sizes that come in all three leg lengths

XLarge/41"Waist, XXLarge/44"Waist XXXLarge/48"Waist and XXXXLarge/51"Waist are available in Short/28"Leg and Regular/30"Leg.