Taylor Bowls Coloured Ace With XTREME Grip

Taylor Bowls Coloured Ace With XTREME Grip

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Please note your custom made Xtreme Build a Bowl may take between 4-5 weeks for completion. 

If you do not mind the emblem design, delivery time may be quicker if we have your colour is in stock. Please call 033 3320 7403 for more details.

Our New XTREME GRIP Which has evolved from the ever popular Half Pipe Grip available on our Championship winning Ace Model.

Featuring New Enhanced Optix Emblems with a specially formulated paint engineered to last.

Available in Sizes 0000 TO 5

Choose your Size, Colour of Bowl and a logo from our extensive catalogue.

XTREME GRIP - The xtreme grip is a deep hollow with oblong shaped dimples giving you extra control over your game, even on larger bowls